We're sharing our expertise and contacts to raise money for our own start-up, Wearable Concepts. Help us as we help you!


It's always difficult to make your way in the business world if you don't know where to look for good advice or funding. Fortunately, we've been travelling down the start-up journey for a while now and we've found the best tools and partners to optimise your chances of succeeding. We'll help our start-up's build their plans, test their ideas and build the infrastructure they'll need to launch and grow. As an experienced collective we've developed brands, products and channel strategies for international companies and sold successfully into the most competitive markets in the world. Our aim is to equip the business to launch and gradually take control of all of the services, clients and suppliers we've helped develop. No equity, no ongoing fees - how refreshing. The bottom line is we help create the critical foundations for your success whilst you enable our journey to continue. We've outlined below just a few of the innovate tools and resources available to start-ups. 


So you've got a great idea for a new business, product or aspire to diversify or expand in an existing business? 2direct can support you all the way through a cloud tool called LivePlan - we can help you on a 1 to 1 basis or via the app itself to build and test a winning plan which will attract investment or convince shareholders about your ideas. 


We're travelling down our own Virgin Start-Up and Future50  journey and we understand how to succeed in sourcing funding for your dream business, whether it be start-up loans, crowd funding or government grants. 2direct offer lots of free advice and signposting to our clients about finance, branding, Intellectual property, contracts, sales, manufacturing or marketing and we're happy to share our black book when we can.


The best way to reach the biggest audience quickly is the promote yourselves through the major platforms like Groupon & Amazon. Having worked for one and sold to the other we understand all the secrets and processes that allow you to get your business moving whilst reaching new consumers and exporting to new countries. Exciting times!


You've done your planning, protected your IP and have the funding in place, now what? You need a good financial solution and accountant to help you run your business effectively. From tracking cash-flow to raising invoices and PO's we recommend XERO Accounting. XERO can also be accessed by your accountant to assist with VAT returns, PAYE and many other aspects of your business.